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A solid waste shredder machine, also known as an industrial shredder or waste shredder, is a powerful mechanical device designed to reduce the size of various types of solid waste materials. It is commonly used in waste management and recycling applications to shred bulky items, such as plastic, rubber, wood, metal, and paper, into smaller pieces or even fine particles.

The primary purpose of a solid waste shredder machine is to facilitate efficient waste disposal, recycling, or energy recovery processes. By shredding waste materials, it reduces their volume, making them easier to handle, transport, and store.

Solid waste shredders come in various sizes and configurations, ranging from small-scale units suitable for small recycling yard use to large industrial machines for heavy-duty applications. They typically consist of a hopper or feed chamber where the waste is loaded, rotating blades or hammers that shred the materials, and a discharge mechanism for the shredded output.

Industrial solid waste shredders can be divided into the following types based on their structure and design:

These are common types of industrial solid waste shredders based on their structure and design. The specific choice of shredder type depends on the nature of the waste, shredding requirements, and processing capacity needed. As a professional manufacturer of solid waste recycling equipment, GOMINE produce high quality shredding machines. And we can always provide you with the most suitable machines and customized solutions.


Industrial shredder machines have a wide range of applications. Here are some applications of industrial shredders:

1. Waste processing and recycling: Industrial shredders are used for processing and recycling various types of waste, including paper, cardboard, plastic, metal, rubber, wood, etc. Shredding waste reduces its volume and facilitates further processing and recycling.
2. E-waste processing: Industrial shredders are specifically designed for processing electronic waste, such as electronic devices, cables, circuit boards, etc. Shredding e-waste ensures secure destruction of sensitive information and allows for the recovery of valuable metals and other materials.
3. Automotive recycling: Industrial shredders are used in the automotive recycling industry for the processing of end-of-life vehicles. They shred car parts and metal scraps for recycling purposes.
4. Plastic processing: Industrial shredders are employed in the plastic processing industry for shredding waste plastic products, plastic molds, pipes, etc., enabling further processing or recycling.
5. Paper manufacturing and printing industry: Industrial shredders are used for waste paper handling in paper manufacturing and printing industries. Shredding waste paper reduces costs in pulp preparation and promotes efficient resource utilization.
6. Medical waste disposal: Industrial shredders are utilized for the disposal of medical waste, including medical papers, syringes, medical packaging, etc. Shredding medical waste reduces its volume and prevents the leakage of sensitive information.
7. Metal recycling: Industrial shredders are used for shredding scrap metal products, metal sheets, iron waste, etc., facilitating metal recycling and reuse.
8. Plastic bottle and container recycling: Industrial shredders are widely used in the recycling process of plastic bottles and containers. Shredding waste plastic bottles and containers facilitates storage, transportation, and subsequent recycling.
9. Wood processing and paper industry: Industrial shredders are utilized in the wood processing industry and paper industry for the shredding of waste wood and cardboard. Shredding waste wood and cardboard reduces volume, lowers costs, and promotes resource efficiency.

Tyre Shredder Machine

The primary function of a tire shredder machine is to break down used or scrap tires into various sizes, typically into chips or rubber crumbs. These shredded tire pieces can be used for various applications such as playground surfaces, athletic tracks, road construction, fuel production, or as raw material for manufacturing new rubber products.
The size and configuration of the tyre shredder can vary depending on the desired output size and capacity. The resulting shredded pieces are discharged through a screen or conveyor, separating the rubber from other materials like steel or textile fibers that may be present in the tires.

Metal Scrap Shredder Machine

Metal scrap shredder machines are designed to process various types of metal waste, such as steel, aluminum, copper, and other ferrous or non-ferrous metals.
Shredding metal scrap offers several benefits, including volume reduction, separation of different metals, and the preparation of materials for melting and reusing in the manufacturing industry.
Metal shredder machines typically consist of a robust structure with a large shredding chamber and rotating blades or hammers. The size and configuration of the shredder depend on the specific application and the type of metal being shredded.

Plastic Shredder Machine

Plastic shredder machines are designed to grind various plastics such as PE, PP, PVC, PET, rubber, ABS, PS, PC, etc. They are widely used in the plastic recycling industry and play a vital role in the recycling process. They are used for shredding plastic bottles, containers, packaging materials, plastic film, plastic pipes, and other plastic products.
Shredded plastic can be further processed into granules or pellets for various applications, such as the production of new plastic products or as a raw material for manufacturing processes.

Car Shredder Machine

Car shredder machines are heavy-duty industrial machines which are used in the recycling and scrap metal industry to process old, damaged, or scrapped cars.
The primary function of a car shredder machine is to break down entire vehicles into smaller components and shred them into various fractions, including metal scrap, plastics, rubber, glass, and other materials.
Car shredder machines typically consist of a large shredding chamber, a powerful motor or engine, and a system of rotating hammers or blades.

Mini Shredder Machine

Gomine B series shredder machines are designed to provide shredding capabilities in a more compact and portable form factor, suitable for smaller-scale industrial or commercial applications.
Mini shredder machines are typically used for shredding and reducing the size of various materials, such as paper, cardboard, plastic, rubber, wood, textiles, and light metal scrap.
Our mini shredder machines can be equipped with wheels to facilitate transportation within a facility or between different locations.

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