Lithium Battery Recycling Machine

Lithium Battery Recycling Machine

Waste lithium batteries contain various rare raw materials such as copper, aluminum, graphite powder and lithium powder, so they have high recycling value. Our equipment uses physical separation to efficiently recycle lithium batteries.

The lithium battery recycling production line is used for dismantling and recycling the Soft package battery, cellphone battery, shell batter cylindrical battery etc. The final products of this plant is graphite powder, cobalt acid lithium aluminum and copper.

Lithium Battery Recycling Plant
lithium battery recycling plant

We provide complete solutions and turnkey equipment for lithium battery recycling plant. Our lithium battery recycling line is very efficient and effective, it can disassemble and separate various lithium batteries to obtain copper, aluminum and graphite powder with high purity.

The recycling value of lithium batteries

Lithium battery recycling provides essential raw materials for manufacturing new batteries while lessening dependence on finite resources, fostering sustainable development.

Lithium batteries contain several valuable materials worth recycling, inculding: Lithium(primary component of lithium batteries), Cobalt, Nickel(provide high energy density), Aluminum (the casing of lithium batteries is typically made of aluminum), Manganese(used to enhance battery performance and stability), Copper(connectors and wires in lithium batteries are often made of copper), Plastics and other components.

all kinds of waste batteries
all kinds of waste batteries
Final products from waste lithium batteries

Working flow of lithium ion battery recycling plant

The lithium battery recycling plant consists of multiple machines working together, the following is a description of some of the core equipment:

  • Shredder: Shredded lithium batteries into smaller pieces.
  • Hammer crusher: For the secondary crushing of shredded materials.
  • Grinder: For the grinding of the crushed materials.
  • Separation Machine: Separate the materials after being ground.
  • Collector: Collect and release the dust .
  • Pulse Purifier (Air Cleaner): Clean all the dust produced during the operation of the whole system.
  • Classifying Screen: Screen the materials sorted by the separation machine, and screen out of large metal materials.
  • Magnetic Machine: Separate nickel from the metals.
  • Gravity Separator: Separate those finer materials got from the screening machine and separate the metal completely.
  • High-pressure blower: Keep the whole system in a negative state so as to collect the materials and purity the air.

Technical Parameters of Lithium Battery Recycling Plant Machine


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