Single Shaft Shredder

Single Shaft Shredder

The single shaft shredder has a wide range of applications, it is often used as a plastic shredder, wood shredder, tire shredder, electronic waste shredder, etc.

Application of single shaft shredder:

The single shaft shredder machine is widely to recycle solid wastes, such as plastic, paper, wood, fiber, cable, rubber, home appliance, light steel, municipal solid waste, etc. It is an ideal machine for the size reduction of a wide range of different materials:

1. Refuse-derived fuel: straw, municipal solid waste;
2. Textile: cloth fiber, nylon;
3. Paper: industrial waste paper, packing paper, cardboard paper;
4. Cable wires: copper core cable, aluminum cable, composite cables;
5. Polypropylene pipe, industrial packaging & plastic films, PP woven bags;
6. Plastic: plastic block, plastic sheets, PET bottle, plastics pipe, plastic container, plastic drums.

single shaft shredder input materials

Technical Parameters:

ModelCutter Diameter(mm)Capacity(kg/h)Motor Power(kw)Size(mm)Weight(kg)

Single shaft plastic shredder running video:

Working principle of single shaft shredder machine:

Single shaft shredder uses the interaction of movable cutter heads and fixed knives to tear, cut and extrude the material into small size. The cutter head is consists of basic shaft and pieces of quadrangle cutter. There are four edges which are easy to change. ‘V’ shaped rotary cutters are fixed on single shaft. The fixed cutter is mounted at an angle in adjacent to rotary cutter to achieve better cutting. During the grinding process, the evenly cutting, saving of energy and reducing of noise are ensured by the installation of ‘V’ shape rotor knives. Also the knives are very easy to install and remove.

single shaft plastic shredder

The motor drives the shaft to make knife rotates in high speed, the material are put to between the knife shaft and fixed knife, the materials are shredder, the qualified size will discharge from the screen mesh, the oversize material will be send back for re shredding. The final product size can be adjusted by changing the final product size.

Advantages of single shaft shredder machine:

1. The shredder single shaft for plastic can shred various bulk materials, basket materials, pipe, plate, sheet, tire, big roll film, which are difficult to be shredded by single shaft shredder.
2. The frame is combinational structures, made from precision machined extra-thick sheet, slewing axis is forced, Lange-angle, hexagonal prism, the hopper is large-caliber, and substantial, so good-sized material is practicable.
3. Revolving knife is designed and processed particular in thickness, shape, arrange order and so on.
4. PLC control system, forward and reverse operate and stop automatically can protect the machine when the materials is too big and much. Operate safely, low-speed running, low noise, little dust.
5. The knife is made from special alloy steel, sturdy and durable.

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