Copper Cable Recycling Machine

Copper Cable Recycling Machine

With capacity from 100 to1000kg/h

The dry copper cable recycling machine is the most used waste wire recycling equipment, we produce different models to meet the different production capacity needs of customers.

Why using copper cable recycling machine?

In the scrap metal recycling industry,copper is the metal that generates the most revenue for scrap yards. Copper’s high ductility, or ability to be formed into wire, makes it valuable in a way that many metals are not.

But like so many metals recyclers, end-stage copper that arrives at the yard needs a little work before it’s ready to be sold and put back into use. That’s where cable recycling machines come in.

scrap cables

Cable recycling machine can handle nearly all the waste wires you have seen, communication wires, household wires, car wires, computer wires, buried cables, armored cables, etc.

The whole production line is consist of feeding conveyor belt, metal shredder, feeding blower, vibrating screen, dust collector, hydraulic station and electrical control cabinet and other components. These supporting equipment can be customized, depending on the customer’s feeding and capacity requirements. Feeding cable diameter is 0~20mm, and output capacity could be 100~1000kg/h.

Copper granules and plastic granules after processing

copper granules and plastic granules

Running video of our copper wire recycling machine

Main parts of waste cable crushing and separation line

1. Feeding:

The granulator starts with scrap copper wire, almost all of which will be insulated. When you’re dealing in high volume scrap wires, you can trust the granulator to do the work. You’ll simply feed the wiring, insulation and all, into the granulator. Using a belt conveyor to feed will make it much more efficient.

2. Shredding:

Once scrap wires or cables are fed in, the copper wire/cable shredder machine will get to work. Scrap cables will be chopped into plastic pieces and copper granules.

3. Separation:

Now comes the work of separating the valuable copper from the plastic waste. This is an important step, with bad quality machines, recyclers could lose nearly 15 percent of their copper to being incorrectly sorted as waste. That’s tantamount to throwing money away. Therefore, it is necessary to choose cable recycling equipments with reliable quality.

Dry copper granulator machine usually adopts specific gravity separation. If the copper particles in the finished product are very small and difficult to separate, in order to obtain a higher separation rate, it’s nessery to add a electrostatic separator for secondary sorting.

electrostatic separator

4. Dust collector

Since there is a lot of dust and other magazines on the waste wires, the dry copper wire recycling machines need to be equipped with a dust removal system. Common dust removal equipment includes bag dust removal, pulse dust removal, and cyclone dust removal.

5. PLC control system

Each step is controlled by the PLC program, started and stopped by one button. The operation interface video display the working condition of the important parts, and intelligent display the equipment failure.

Features of copper cable recycling machine

  • Large handling capacity, suitable for large scale production.
  • Manual feeding material for one time, multiple machines combined for automatic separation.
  • Adopting PLC to control the whole system, having stable performance.
  • The copper recycling rate can reach 99%.
  • The plant adopts air and vibration separation, no water pollution.
  • Equipped with dust collector, no dust pollution.
  • The voltage can be customized according to your requirements.

We are experts in the field of solid waste recycling especially metal recycling. We can provide a complete set of solutions, including waste cable recycling, waste circuit board recycling, metal and non-metal crushing and sorting, mixed plastic recycling, etc. If you have any need of our machine, feel free to contact Gomine Machinery.