Industrial Blade Sharpener

Industrial Blade Sharpener

Industrial blade sharpener (knife sharping machine) is specially designed for the feature of easy blunt of grinder blade; it improves the working efficiency of the grinding machine, and can also grind the straight blade of the woodworking bed and other machine tools.

This knife sharpening machine is used to sharp crusher blades. It suits for our double shaft shredder.

The plastic crusher blade sharpening machine is mainly used to sharpen the knives of crushers in the plastic recycling industry. Blades can be used again and again. It is a good solution to prolong the knife life and save the cost.

crusher blades

Structure of industrial blade sharpener

The automatic blade sharpening machine is composed of a body, working desk, linear slider, slider, gear motor, grinding head motor, cooling system and electric control parts. The struction of each component is compact, the appearance is beautiful and reasonable. The grinding head cutter is uniform and steady. It has features of small size, light weight, fast opearation, stable and adjustable operation and so on. It is suitable for processing various straight edge cutting tools.

This machine adopts European advanced technology, simple operation and low energy consumption. The use of the automatic knife sharpening machine can effectively extend the life of the crusher blade and reduce the equipment cost.

Features of industrial blade sharpening machine

  • Used for many kinds of steel blades/knife
  • With space sensor can automatic go-return sharping
  • Water special clamp for different knives and can adjust the gradient of the blade/knife

Technical parameter of blade sharpening machine

ModelScope of Work (mm)Grinding Wheel MaterialAdjustable AngleTravesersing Speed (m/min)Dimension (mm)
MF2570-1000White Corundum0-902.521300*600*1280

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