PCB Electronic Components Dismantling Machine

PCB Electronic Components Dismantling Machine

PCB electronic components dismantling machine is used to separate the electronic components from all kinds of printed circuit boards, such as computer boards, cell phone boards, TV boards, etc.

Why remove electronic components from circuit boards

When extracting the metal in the waste circuit board, the electronic components on the waste circuit board should be disassembled first. On the one hand, impurities can be removed, and on the other hand, the electronic components can be recycled and reused.

The specific process is to put the waste circuit board into the dismantling machine for high temperature heating, and the tin removal and disassembly can be completed in one step. The advantage is that it can reduce the damage of components and the loss of precious metals.

Besides, because some electronic components contain precious metals, such as gold, silver, palladium, etc., they can be further refined and reused in advance, and some may contain harmful substances, which require special treatment. As for naked pcb motherboards, they are mainly composed of copper and resin powder, which can be recycled with our circuit boards recycling machine to get copper powder and resin powder.

The processing process of PCB dismantling machine

Electronic components have to be dismantled from PCB assembly as the most important step in their recycling chain, to help conservation of resources, reuse of components and elimination of hazardous materials from the environment.

PCB dismantling machine can be powered by nature gas or electricity. The roller part can be heated up to 400 degree. The tin on circuit board will be melted, and the electronic components(card slots, capacitors, chips, etc.) will be dropped from the circuit board with the running of the main engine. The equipment can save a lot of manul work, one people can operate it easily. You can also use a vibrating screen to further sort the components.

pcb electronic components after dismantling
pcb electronic components after dismantling

PCB dismantling machine videos

Hazardous substance handling equipments you should configure

To heat and remove electronic elements would produce a lot exhaust gases.These gases are harmful,toxic and cancerogenic and will cause secondary pollution without proper treatment before discharge.

PCB dismantling production line
hazardous substance handling equipments
hazardous substance handling equipments

The main dismantling machine is equipped with activated carbon adsorption device and exhaust fan to The main dismantling equipment is connected with the spraying facility for dedusting and cooling, and the VOCs are treated with photo-catalytic equipment. UV photo-oxidation catalyzes high energy and high ozone UV beam to illuminate waste gas, crack the molecular chain structure of industrial waste gas, so that the molecular chain of the organic or inorganic high-molecular malodor compound is degraded into a low-molecular compound under the irradiation of a high-energy ultraviolet light beam.The exhaust gas treatment system is equipped with variable frequency speed governor. After treatment, clean air will enter into the vent system with the exhaust fan.

Technical parameter of PCB dismantling machine


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