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Wet Type Copper Wire Granulator

Wet Type Copper Wire Granulator

High separation rate, economical

Wet type copper cable granulator using a water separator to separate copper and plastic, which has a relatively higher separation rate than the dry copper recycling machine.

Why using copper cable recycling machine?

In the scrap metal recycling industry,copper is the metal that generates the most revenue for scrap yards. Copper’s high ductility, or ability to be formed into wire, makes it valuable in a way that many metals are not.

bare copper wire

But like so many metals recyclers, end-stage copper that arrives at the yard needs a little work before it’s ready to be sold and put back into use. That’s where copper wire granulators come in. The working process of the cable granulator is roughly divided into 3 main parts:

1. Feeding:

The granulator starts with scrap copper wire, almost all of which will be insulated. When you’re dealing in high volume scrap wires, you can trust the granulator to do the work. You’ll simply feed the wiring, insulation and all, into the granulator. Using a belt conveyor to feed will make it much more efficient.

2. Shredding:

Once scrap wires or cables are fed in, the cable granulator will get to work. Scrap cables will be chopped into plastic pieces and copper granules.

Wet type copper cable granulator is mainly used to manufacture and process polyurethane (PVC) automobile circuit wires or car bottom wires, motorcycle circuit wires, computer case wires and various cables with oily miscellaneous materials, as well as miscellaneous wires and cables that are not suitable for processing by wire stripping machines.

3. Separation:

Now comes the work of separating the valuable copper from the plastic waste. This is an important step, with bad quality machines, recyclers could lose nearly 15 percent of their copper to being incorrectly sorted as waste. That’s tantamount to throwing money away. But no worries, the copper recycling rate of our copper wire granulator machine is no less than 99%, which can guarantee the quality of copper.

wet separation

The separation process of the wet copper wire granulator machine requires adding water, and a water shaker (ancillary equipment) is used to separate copper and plastic, which has a relatively higher separation rate than the dry type copper wire reycling machine.

Features of our wet type copper cable recycling machine

  • Wet separation, copper-plastic separation is clean and thorough.
  • Compact structure and good energy saving. The purity of copper granules separation is as high as 99.8%, and the floor area is small, which is suitable for small and medium-sized metal recycling enterprises.
  • The low-power motor is 15kw, the voltage is 380V, and the power supply does not need its own transformer.
  • The equipment is simple to use and can be used by a single person, saving manpower.
  • The equipment adopts a low-flow water circulation sorting system and provides its own water tank. No dust pollution, no waste water discharge, low noise and stable performance.

Difference from dry type copper recycling equipment

The wet copper wire recycling machine uses a water separator to separate copper and plastic, which has a relatively higher separation rate than the dry copper cable recycling machine. However, the wet copper wire recycling machine occupies a large area and must use water during use, which cannot be used in some areas due to environmental restrictions. In addition, the copper selected by the water separator must be dried in time, otherwise the copper will be oxidized and affect the price, so most customers who use the wet copper rice machine also need to be equipped with a dryer.

We are experts in the field of solid waste recycling especially metal recycling. We can provide a complete set of solutions, including waste cable recycling, waste circuit board recycling, metal and non-metal crushing and sorting, mixed plastic recycling, etc. If you have any need of our machine, feel free to contact Gomine Machinery.