Mini Electrostatic Separator

Mini Electrostatic Separator

Metal and non-metal separation machine

Mini high voltage electrostatic separator machine is our new developed metal and plastic separation machine. The machine is very easy to operate and with a small size 94*63*109cm.

Electrostatic separators also known as electrostatic separation machines, use the different charging characteristics of metal and plastic to separate metal from non-metal through the action of high-voltage static electricity.

This mini electrostatic separator is usually used together with our copper wire granulator machines. If the customer’s wires are very thin or miscellaneous, it will be difficult to sort them cleanly using the air flow gravity sorting of the copper granulator machine. With this electrostatic separator, this problem will be well solved, the copper recovery rate will be greatly improved, and the copper particles mixed in the plastic particles will also be completely separated.

Electrostatic separation of copper and plastic

Features of mini electrostatic separator

  1. Cooperate with copper wire granulator machine to improve the recovery rate of copper and improve the purity of recycled plastics.
  2. High quality and high efficiency.
  3. Small size, easy to operate.
  4. 100% factory price.

Technical parameters of mini electrostatic separator

High voltage outputDC 5KV

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