GM-S05 Small Copper Wire Granulator

GM-S05 Small Copper Wire Granulator

Cheap price mini cable granulator

GM-S05 small copper wire granulator is a mini size scrap cable recycling equipment, it is powered by single phase, very good choice for small business and wholesale.

Gomine S05 small copper wire granulator machine is an excellent scrap copper wire recycling machine. Waste copper cables can be separated into pure copper particles & plastic particles. 99.9% separation rate.

This small copper wire granulator machine is mainly used for process copper and aluminum wires, such as household wires, industrial wires, automotive wires,etc. The process range is 0.1~30mm, and the process capacity is 30 ~ 50kg/h.

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Working process of GM-S05 mini copper wire granulator

1. Put the scrap cable into feeding hole to go crusher
2. Get the mixed copper and plastic granules after crushing
3. Through the air separator system and vibrator system get the pure copper granules and plastic granules.

Mini copper wire granulator cost

This small copper wire granulator machine is almost the cheapest copper wire recycling machine you can buy in the market, but it has all the functions of crushing and sorting. The best choice for small waste wire recycling stations, as well as start-up recycling companies.

Mini copper wire granulator video

Technical parameter of Gomine S series copper wire granulator

Model Capacity Size Power Voltage
GM-S03 20-30kg/h 840*555*1520mm 3.9kw 110V/220V/Customized
GM-S05 30-50kg/h 870*820*1520mm 3.9kw 110V/220V/Customized
GM-S08 50-80kg/h 1020*870*1660mm 5.7kw 110V/220V/Customized
GM-S15 150kg/h 1370*1120*1980mm 8.5kw 110V/220V/Customized

Details of GM-S05 small copper cable granulator:

GM S05 mini copper wire granulator details

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