Plastic/aluminum Laminates Recycling Machine

Plastic/aluminum Laminates Recycling Machine

To separate aluminum powder and plastics powder

Plastic/aluminum laminates recycling machine is mainly used for waste materials of aluminum plastic composite panels, aluminum plastic ceilings, leftover bits and pieces of aluminum plastic decorative plates, aluminum plastic leftover bits and pieces in the production process of aluminum plastic plates, punching materials.

Laminated packaging is used to refer to plastic/aluminum laminates(PAL) used in a range of packaging formats, including pouches, bags and tubes, for the packaging of consumer goods such as food, drinks, pet foods, toothpastes, and cosmetic products.

Applications of our aluminum plastic recycling machine

Our plastic/aluminum laminates recycling machine applys to process many kinds of aluminum plastic composite materials, such as aluminum plastic board, waste plastic aluminum, toothpaste tubes, medicine blister packs, medicine capsules plate, pharmaceutical blister foil, aluminum and plastic boards, various aluminum panels, waste aluminum plastic food bags, milk bags, yogurt foil sealing lids, bottle neck foil lids, aseptic foil lids waste, electrical circuit board, aluminium laminate, aluminum composite panel, aluminum composite pipe, aluminum plastic board, leftover and pieces of aluminum plastic board etc.

aluminium-plastic materials
All kinds of aluminium-plastic composite materials

Video of aluminum plastic recycling and separation line

The complete working process of plastic-aluminium separation plant

The process include crushing, grinding, water cooling, rotarty vibrating screen and electrostatic separation, a dry type physical separation way, no water, no chemical, no fire, totally pollution-free.

Plastic shredder

plastic crusher

Plastic shredder is a machine used to shred or crush materials into smaller pieces, crushing being an essential stage in the recovery of aluminum and plastic scrap. Scrap plastic/aluminum laminates will be crushed into mixed granules smaller than 10mm.

Powder grinder


In order to separate aluminum and plastic more thoroughly,it is necessary to mill the mixed granules into plastic and aluminum mixture powder with a grinder for further process.

Electrostatic separator

electrostatic separator

Electrostatic separator uses electrostatic effects to separate the most different mixed materials, it is an efficient machine for metal and non-metal separation, separation effect up to 99%.

Water cooling system

water cooling system

The crushing and grinding parts are cooled by a circulating water cooling machine, which does not melt or discolor the plastic because of the high temperature after long operation of the equipment.

aluminum package and aluminum powder

The separated plastic and aluminum could be directly recycled to be sold in the market or made into new products. Compared to low value scrap and waste aluminum plastic composite materials, the recycled pure plastic and aluminum would bring high benefit. It makes the aluminum plastic separation machine a good business to start with.

Advantages of plastic/aluminum laminates recycling machine

  • Dry separation process; no liquids or chemicals required; low expenditure of energy;
  • The highest purity of aluminum plastic sorting purity can reach more than 99.9%.
  • PCL control system, high automation program, simple operation and stable performance, minimum use of staff, low level of personnel deployment;
  • No waste water exhaust. Real green environmental sorting, no secondary pollution

Technical parameter of aluminum plastic recycling machine

ModelPower(kw)Sorting Purity Index (%)Collection Coefficient(%)Capacity(kg/h)Dimension(mm)Weight(kg)

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