Cable/Wire Stripping Machine

Cable/Wire Stripping Machine

Daily output 200 kg ~ 1000 kg

Cable/wire stripping machine is made for a single purpose: to remove the insulation from old wires. Those piles of old wires can easily be turned into scrap metal that can be reused, recycled, or even sold, letting you not only save space, but save money as well.

1. How does a wire stripping machine work?

Wire stripping machines(cable stripping machine) operate by stripping the insulation with a blade or a knife while an operator feeds wire into a feed port and an electric motor pulls the wire through. The operator then peels the wire by hand or the insulation falls off depending on the thickness of the wire and or condition.

2. What types of cables and wires can be recycled by wire stripping machine?

Cable stripping machine is suitable for recycling a wide variety of electrical cables. You can strip, THHN, romex cable, house wire, extension cords, power main cables, appliance cords, welding cable, battery cable, industrial wire, computer cables, XPLE cable. Any kind of wire with a rubber, PVC or plastic jacket. The feeding diameter depends on the model you purchased.

waste cables

3. Pictures of our different types of wire stripping machine

models of wire stripping machine

4. Why buying wire stripping machine?

If you want to start stripping scrap wire, don’t do strip it by hand, you will be so thankful for investing in a cable stripping machine. Stripped wire is worth nearly 3 times as much as insulated. Cable stripping machines will help make your business profitable. Copper stripping machines will save you time and make you money. Especially if you have large quantities of scrap copper wire. You may even consider investing in a waste cable granulate recycling machine.

If you have a regular supply of scrap wire your payback period for a machine is very fast. Some customers reported they paid back their machines in as little as a few hours of processing scrap wire.

We are experts in the field of solid waste recycling especially metal recycling. We can provide a complete set of solutions, including waste cable recycling, waste circuit board recycling, metal and non-metal crushing and sorting, mixed plastic recycling, etc. If you have any need of our machine, feel free to contact Gomine Machinery.