Electric Motor Recycling Machine

Electric Motor Recycling Machine

Electric motor recycling machine is used to process the waste electric motor stator to get the copper wire. It is suitable for disassembling motor coils of electrical products such as washing machines, electric fans, and electric tricycles.

Electric motor recycling machine can split casings & recover the inner copper from electric motors.

Motor stator recycling machine consists of two parts, copper wire cutting machine and copper wire pulling machine. Copper wire cutting machine is used to cut one end of copper windings in the motor stator, while copper wire pulling machine is used to pull copper windings out of the motor stator. It is mainly copper coil cutting machine (cutting off one end of copper wire of motor stator) with hydraulic copper wire pulling machine to recover copper wire of motor stator. It is used in motor factory to recover unqualified enameled wire and steel sheet of motor stator. It is also used in some recycling motor dismantling factories.

motor recycling process

Motor stator recycling machine can deal with waste motor in the range of 50-500mm, which has a large processing range and strong function, and motor recycling machine capcity is about 60-180 pcs motors per hour, high effiency!

Electric Motor Recycling Machine Advantages

  • Belonging to multifunctional motor recycling machine, which integrates cutting function and copper winding pulling function on the same machine;
  • Have 1 cutting part and 3 pulling parts, and 3 pulling parts are suitable for different types of scrap motors;
  • Fully automatic recycler machine, only one worker is required to operate, which can save manpower;
  • Simple and convenient operation, high efficiency.

The main components of the motor stator disassembly machine

The stator disassembly and cutting integrated machine is suitable for disassembling motor coils of electrical products such as washing machines, electric fans, and electric tricycles. The machine has the advantages of fast tangent speed, high stitch removal efficiency, small footprint and stable performance. It greatly improves the efficiency of stator maintenance and copper-iron separation. The equipment is mainly composed of hydraulic pump, hydraulic control system, tangent cylinder parts, wire pulling cylinder parts, and electric control system. It can be disassembled efficiently for 8-slot stator and 12-slot stator.

Specification of motor stator recycling machine

Voltage380V 50HZ
Vertical Stroke (mm)150
Horizontal Stroke (mm)1100
Diameter (mm)Φ38-450
Dimension (mm)2550*1010*1300
Material of BladeH13

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