Electrostatic Separator

Electrostatic Separator

Electrostatic separator works on the principle of corona discharge, where two plates are placed close together and high voltage is applied. This high voltage is used to separate the ionized particles.

Electrostatic separator, also known as electrostatic separation and electrostatic sorting machine, is widely used in the mineral processing, plastics and recycling industries.

Application of electrostatic separator machine

  • Waste wire recycling: a) separate plastics (insulators) from conductors (copper and aluminium); b) Separate conductors (copper and aluminium);
  • Aluminum-plastic waste recycling: separate aluminum and plastic
  • Mixed plastics recycling: remove wood and silicone rubber from mixed plastics, and separate plastics according to different materials.
  • Printed circuit board(PCB) recycling: Separator copper powder and resin powder.
  • Mineral separation, carbon content extraction
  • Grinding wheel ash extract metal
mixed plastic electrostatic separation
mixed plastic electrostatic separation
aluminum plastic electrostatic separation
aluminum plastic electrostatic separation
pcb boards electrostatic separation
pcb boards electrostatic separation

Structure of electrostatic separation machine

Electrostatic separation machine is mainly made up of high-voltage electrostatic generator, frame, insulation board, conveyor belt, driving wheel, rotating wheel, recycling board, discharge electrode and metal protective net.

Materials processed by the electrostatic separation machine can be sorted two times in one machine. It ensures materials have high purity after separation. To satisfy your personal needs, we produce both single roller and twin roller electrostatic separator that will satisfy your wants forever.

Features of electrostatic separator

  • Electrostatic separators have two capacities(big capacity or small capacity) for you to choose.
  • Can support work of scrap copper wire granulator recycling machine and increase scrap copper recovery rate(reach 99.99% copper separating rate);
  • Operation, use, and maintenance are very convenient;
  • Low energy consumption, low noise, high output, and dust-free and environmentally friendly.

Technical parameter of electrostatic separator

ModelDimension (mm)Drum Dia. (mm)Speed(r/min)Power(kw)Sorting Voltage(V)Particle Size(mm)

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