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Aluminum Can Shredder

Aluminum cans are one of the most commonly used beverage containers. They can be found everywhere in life, and aluminum is 100% recyclable. The process of recycling aluminum cans only requires 5% of the electricity required to produce new aluminum directly from the ore. In addition, all the waste left over from the aluminum production process can be melted down and reused. There are also things you may not know. Recycling 3 aluminum cans can make 1 eyeglass frame, and 800 aluminum cans can make a bicycle.

aluminium cans

How to recycle aluminum cans?

Shredder is the key equipment for recycling aluminum cans. In the recycling process of aluminum cans, shredder can tear waste aluminum cans into small pieces. After reducing the size, the aluminum pieces are fed into a decoating machine to remove paint or other materials. Then, the decoated aluminum is melted in a furnace and further produced into new aluminum products. Aluminum can shredder is equipment that can break aluminum cans into small pieces, which is a key step in aluminum can recycling.

Which shredder is suitable for crushing aluminum cans?

Double-shaft shredder is often used to crush aluminum materials. Its low-speed and high-torque working principle is very suitable for crushing aluminum cans of different sizes. Secondly, the discharge of the equipment after crushing can be controlled by the screen, which can crush the aluminum cans to the ideal size.

Advantages of the double-shaft shredder

The double-shaft shredder has the characteristics of low speed, high torque, high shear force, good shredding effect, low noise, and good stability. It is often used for the crushing of aluminum cans and other solid wastes such as domestic garbage, electronic waste, waste plastics, and waste metals.

double shaft shredder

1. It is controlled by the PLC automatic control system and has the functions of start, stop, reverse, and automatic reverse when overloaded.

2. The intelligent monitoring system monitors and analyzes the operation data in real time, which can timely understand the operation status of the equipment and reduce the cost caused by errors.

3. Low noise, less dust, and high output.

4. The combined frame with precision machining of extra-thick plates, the powerful rotating shaft of large-angle hexagonal columns, and the large-diameter stable feed hopper can safely put in large pieces of raw materials.

5. Strong shear force, sharp blades, and efficient crushing.

6. All key components are made of imported high-quality alloy forgings. The frame structure is strong, wear-resistant, and strong, and the service life is increased by 3-5 times.

7. Our double-shaft shredder can be customized in different models and with different capacities to meet the crushing requirements of different customers.

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