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Can An Electric Motor Be Recycled?

Electric motors are primarily made up of metal components and typically contain a variety of recyclable materials such as copper, aluminum, steel, wire, and plastic. The electric motor is 100% recyclable. Copper and aluminum are the most valuable materials to recycle in electric motors.

You can recycle electric motor from many appliances like washing machines, fans, air conditioners, and refrigerators, or in power tools and other equipments like industrial fans, blowers, pumps.

Appliances with electric motors

How to Recycle Electric Motor?

Most people sell scrap electric motors as a complete unit. You will need a screwdriver and drill to remove the motor from the housing. But if you want to get a good price, it is best to disassemble the electric motor and sell it in parts.

motor recycling process
motor recycling process

You can use the motor stator dismantling machine to easily and efficiently disassemble the electric motor. Motor stator disassembly machine can be used for dismantling valuble motor coils of various electrical products. This electric motor recycling machine has the advantages of fast cutting speed, high wire removal efficiency, small footprint, stable performance, etc. It greatly improves the efficiency of stator maintenance, copper and iron separation, etc.

Motor stator recycling machine consists of two parts, copper wire cutting machine and copper wire pulling machine. Copper wire cutting machine is used to cut one end of copper windings in the motor stator, while copper wire pulling machine is used to pull copper windings out of the motor stator. It is mainly copper coil cutting machine with hydraulic copper wire pulling machine to recover copper wire of motor stator.

how does electric motor recycling machine work?

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