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How To Recycle PET Bottles?

PET bottles are also called PETE bottles. PET bottles can be found everywhere. Various daily necessities in life, such as water bottles, cans and containers, are all PET bottles. PET has better environmental performance and energy efficiency than glass or aluminum, and is called “Recycling Number 1 Plastic”.

The recycling process of PET bottles includes collection, sorting, crushing, cleaning, drying, melting and converting plastic into new products, which is more environmentally friendly than producing new plastics. And the recycled PET meets safety standards, allowing closed-loop recycling into fresh food-grade containers, promoting sustainable development and practice.

PET bottle
PET bottle

PET Bottle Recycling Process

1. Collection

2. Classification

PET bottles can be sorted according to attributes such as color, thickness and purpose.

3. PET Bottle Label Removing

The labels on PET bottles are usually made of paper or plastic materials and are attached using adhesives. Removing labels is very important for the PET bottle recycling process because labels can contaminate the recycling stream if they are not removed and cleaned properly. Use PET bottle label remover machine can remove lables easily.

4. Shredding

The PET bottles are fed into the plastic bottle shredder, which breaks them down into smaller pieces. The shredded small plastic pieces can be processed for reuse in the next stage.

pet bottle recycling
PET bottle recycling

5. Washing

Washing is a key step in the PET bottle recycling process as it removes some of the impurities of the recycled plastic, which typically include product labels and adhesives as well as dirt and food residues. Washing is done using a flotation separation tank, which uses water as a medium to separate PET fragments from PP and PE fragments based on the density of the different plastics.

6. Drying

A horizontal dryer can be used to dry the washed plastic.

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