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How To Recycle Radiator?

Radiators are found in various home appliances such as air conditioners and cars. Scrap copper-aluminum radiators can be separated into 55% copper, 40% aluminum, and 5% iron, with high recycling value. So you can easily get a return by recycling radiators.

metal composition of radiator
metal composition of radiator

To separate the metals in the copper-aluminum radiator, professional copper-aluminum radiator recycling machine is needed to sort out copper, aluminum and iron.

We provide highly efficient and automatic radiator recycling line, adopting intelligent control system, only manual feeding is needed to complete the whole line processing. The whole radiator recycling line adopts dry type physical separation technology by shredding, air separation and magnetic separation process. The iron sorting rate is above 99%, and the copper and aluminum sorting rates are above 98%, with high sorting purity.

Process of Radiator Recycling:

1. Primary shredding

Use double shaft shredder to crush scrap radiators to 10-20mm pieces, then the crushed material is transported by the conveyor to the second crusher.

2. Secondary crushing

After transported to crusher, the 10-20mm material is shredded by this crusher to smaller pieces.

scrap radiator recycling
scrap radiator recycling

3. Magnetic Separator

Use magnetic separator to separate iron from copper and aluminum easily.

4. Vibrating Separator

To separate copper pieces from aluminum pieces.

The entire recycling line is equipped with a pulse dust removal system effectively reduce the dust generated and ensure a clean working environment.

If you have any question on copper-aluminum radiator recycling and want to know more information, feel free to contact us, we are professional recycling machine factory and very pleased to serve you.