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How To Shred Waste Textiles?

Waste textiles are all kinds of clothes, fabrics, carpets, sheets, towels, leather, etc. that are no longer used in household or industrial and commercial activities. They come from nature or are artificially synthesized. The fibers in most clothing and textiles are very suitable for recycling and reuse in making new products. Especially with the prevalence of “fast fashion” today, people discard clothes more frequently, resulting in a large amount of textile waste, and textile waste has become an important source of landfill waste.

Traditional landfill not only causes pollution and increases carbon emissions, but also causes a great waste of resources. Reducing the size of textiles through practical shredders for recycling or energy utilization is currently a popular way to dispose of waste textiles.

waste textile

How to shred waste textiles? A shredder suitable for textiles is needed.

Textiles often contain more fibers and have higher toughness, especially piles or bundles of waste textiles. When shredding them, it is necessary to consider the possibility of the shredder working under the worst conditions to ensure that the low technical indicators of cheap equipment will not cause downtime, broken shafts, production capacity not meeting design requirements or other problems.

For applications such as waste textile shredding that have higher requirements for equipment performance, Gomine Recycling provides the two-shaft shredder equipped with reinforcement components to deal with them. Our shear-type twin-shaft shredders feature low speed and high torque to shred a variety of difficult-to-handle materials into shapes and sizes suitable for recycling, incineration or further processing.

The textiles enter the box through the feeding system, the box carries the shredding blade, and the textile is shredded into small pieces through the comprehensive action of the shredding blade, such as tearing, squeezing, and shearing, and is discharged from the lower box.

If you want to know more about the waste textile shredder or you have any question on shredding waste textiles, feel free to contact us, we are professional and leading China recycling equipment manufacture and pleased to solve your problem.