Plastic Crushing Machine

Plastic Crushing Machine

Plastic crushing machine, also known as plastic shredder, is very important part of recycling. The machine uses a separate design for easy maintenance and cleaning, has a double-layer structure, equipped with sound insulation materials, and has low noise. The base is also equipped with four wheels for easy movement.

Application of plastic crushing machine

Plastic crusher is designed to grind various plastics such as PE, PP, PVC, PET, rubber, ABS, PS, PC, etc. The pulverized particles can be directly used as production raw materials. It is widely used for recycling plastic bottles, plastic films, plastic pipes, rubbers and other waste materials.

plastic crusher feeding materials
Feeding materials
plastic crusher output

Advantages of the plastic crusher

1)Simple structure, compact size, light self weight and less unit product power consumption;
2)The front and back walls of crushing room use double-layer sound-proof with low noise;
3)Steady movement, small vibration, easy to operate;
4)with strong cutting force, High productivity, big crushing ratio and uniform fragment size;
5)Inlet hopper, crushing room and screening bucket is separed, and easy to load and unload;
6)Special design for crushing room, no material skip, large feed inlet and easy to charge;
7)After crushing , final scraps can be directly feeded into extruder.

Plastic crusher technical parameter

ModelPower (kw)Capacity (kg/h)Rotating bladeFixing bladeScreenSize(cm)

Working principle of plastic crushing/grinding machine

During the working process of plastic crusher machine, its motor drives the high-speed revolution of rotating blade cutter head, and the high-speed rotating of rotating blade could form the relative movement trends cooperated with fixed blade. At the same time, utilizing the gap between rotating blade and fixed blade could give rise to cutting edges of plastic grinding and cutting, thereby crushing the large pieces of plastic. Finally, the broken plastics would be filtered and outputted according to particle sizes of plastic through the screen sieve.

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