Mixed Plastic Recycling

Waste plastic, a resource with high economic value and regeneration value, is one of the important players in the field of recycling.

The sources of waste plastics are very wide: waste plastic daily necessities, housings of home appliances, broken materials of electric vehicles, food packaging, building decoration, plastic toys, etc.

plastic wastes

Like resources such as metals, the value of these waste plastics comes from their purity grades. However, most of the common plastic waste in life is mixed. Plastic waste is usually mixed with impurities such as silicone and rubber. And the plastic parts are also mixed from several plastic materials, such as PP/PS/ABS/PVC/PA/PE/PA. Therefore, for recycling practitioners, how to better purify plastics is very worthy of attention.

Dry electrostatic separation of mixed plastics

The plastic electrostatic separator is mainly used to separate mixed plastics which are difficult to be separated by flotation method. The benefits of sorting using the physical properties of plastics are obvious, such as 99%+ sorting purity.

mixed plastic separation

Plastic electrostatic separator can easily remove wood and silicone rubber from mixed plastics, and it can also separate plastics according to different materials.