Scrap Radiator Recycling

Every year, a large amount of wastes such as air conditioner radiators and automobile radiators are generated. The radiator is mainly made of copper and aluminum, and a small amount of iron and impurities, so the air conditioner radiator has a high recycling value.

For the recycling of scrap radiators, we recommend two types of equipment:

1. Scrap radiator separator machine

radiator stripper
radiator stripper machine

The radiator separator machine is a stripping type radiator recycling machine which can recycle scrap radiators that are not deformed. Cut the clean radiator neatly into 30-40cm wide, and then put into the material inlet, within seconds copper pipes and aluminum fin will be discharged separately. Copper pipe will keep complete, while aluminium fin will be a little broken for one-row radiator and keep complete for two-row radiator.

The production capacity of scrap radiator stripper machine can reach 300~1000kg/h. And one radiator separator machine is applicable to process both single and double layers radiators with different spaces between copper tubes of 19mm, 21mm and 25mm.

2. Radiator crushing and sorting line

radiator recycling line
scrap radiator crushing and sorting line

The waste radiator crushing and sorting line includes multiple equipments, which can efficiently recover aluminum, copper and iron in waste radiators through crushing, air separation, magnetic separation and other processes.

The whole radiator recycling line adopts dry type physical separation technology. Equipped with cyclone dust collector, no pollution to the environment. And it has no much limit for the input materials, any damaged or deformed radiators and electronic rotors less than 16cm could be directly processed.

The radiator has a high degree of automation and high efficiency, and is very suitable for recycling a large number of waste radiators.